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Club Trips

TLCC Darwin conducts trips on a regular basis and is one of the most active clubs in the NT. While the majority of trips occur during the dry season, depending upon the severity of the wet, they can run as late as December and as early as January each year. 

All TLCC members may participate as drivers on Club Trips and are encouraged to have completed the TLCC familiarisation training prior to participation in the trip. Members should contact the Training Coordinator regarding this training. Potential members may be permitted to attend up to three trips to help them decide to join the club.

Members can obtain trip leader contact details and trip leaders should register their trip or event with the Tripping Coordinator via the online Trip Proposal Form.

Trip Leaders Guide

The following is a useful Trip Leader's Guide to Short Trips for those who haven't conducted a trip before and to refresh those who have.

Trip Grading

A grading system of Levels 1-5 is used to assist members in deciding which trips they would enjoy and which grade suits the drivers experience and ability. This system of grading is a guide only and may change due to weather conditions. The trip leader should be consulted in such circumstances.

Participants are expected to have all their own recovery equipment. Your vehicle must be fitted with towing points, painted yellow front and rear. A hitch receiver recovery point is acceptable. A UHF radio is required. In some cases a handheld radio and recovery equipment can be loaned and this should be discussed with the Trip Leader in advance (we want you to come along, so will make best efforts to get you there!).

Grade 1

Very easy with little if any 4X4 involvement. Will usually consist of a scenic tour or an easy trip to a camp and/or towing/snatching unlikely.

Grade 2

A relatively moderate 4X4 trip with winching and/or towing/snatching unlikely

Grade 3

A medium 4X4 trip which requires cautions whilst driving. Winching and/or towing/snatching should not be required.

Grade 4

A moderately difficult 4X4 trip with some winching and/or towing/snatching almost a certainty.

Grade 5

An extremely difficult 4X4 trip. Participants must be experienced at travelling over difficult terrain. Winching and/or towing/snatching will definitely be required.